Hancock Associates Announces Acquisition of H.W. Moore

November 21, 2018 Wayne Jalbert and Hal Moore

Hancock Associates, a leading local provider of land surveying, civil engineering and wetland science services, proudly announces the acquisition of H.W. Moore Associates, Inc., a well-respected land planning and civil engineering firm located at 121 East Berkeley Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

H.W. Moore Associates was founded in 1967 by Bill Moore, PE, P.L.S, to provide consulting services in civil, traffic, environmental and land use engineering for federal, state, municipal and private projects. Their areas of expertise include site analysis, master planning and development, feasibility studies, detailed site engineering and approval processing.

H.W. Moore will continue to operate under their corporate name and Jim White, P.E., Fred Keylor and Bob Carter will remain as the lead engineers in the Boston office. Jason Ellis, P.L.S., will lead the new land surveying department. Jason is one of Hancock’s project managers, an associate of the firm and has over 20 years of land surveying experience.

“With H.W. Moore as a division of Hancock Associates, we’re able to offer expanded planning and civil design services for public and private entities,” said President Wayne C. Jalbert. “To support H.W. Moore, Hancock is outfitting the office with a full land surveying staff including field crews. By bringing the two firms together, we’re able to offer more services, expand our reach and serve our clients even more efficiently. We’re excited for the future.”

“H.W. Moore has enjoyed great success for over 50 years so it was very important for us to join a firm that would continue that tradition,” said H.W. Moore Associates’ outgoing President Hal Moore. “By joining Hancock’s team, we’re able to add land surveying and wetland science to our services and insure success for the next 50 years.”