Whether you’re a homeowner, landowner, developer, architect, builder, attorney or from a financial institution or local, state or federal agency, you can count on the experts at Hancock Associates. We provide strategic planning, proper project oversight, thorough documentation and efficient communication throughout our three service areas:

Land Surveying

The surveyors at Hancock Associates are licensed professionals with extensive experience. To provide you with the best in the field, we build on that knowledge base through continuing education and training. We invest in the latest equipment, computers and software so we’re well-equipped to handle your project accurately and efficiently. And our Land Surveying division is always well-staffed to ensure your project is handled quickly.

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Civil Engineering

The engineers at Hancock Associates are dedicated to each project from inception to completion, no matter how large or small. We have a unique body of expertise and are well-respected by regulatory boards and commissions for our thorough and straightforward style and by clients for our guidance and innovative solutions.

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Wetland Science

Our wetland scientists are passionate about balancing the success of your project with conserving the natural environment. This is achieved by thoroughly examining each site, analyzing the built environment and determining how adjacent wetlands are formed, how they work, how to best protect them and in some instances, make new ones.

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With Hancock Associates on your team from the start, we can identify physical, environmental and regulatory constraints, communicate with public and private agencies and avoid potential obstacles to obtaining project permits and approvals.

Survey & Engineering Records

Hancock Associates has acquired historical records from numerous surveying and engineering firms and has created an archive of records dating back to the mid-1800s. These records not only assist Hancock Associates in performing surveying tasks quickly and cost-effectively, they can be an invaluable resource for other organizations and individuals.

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